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The Growing Trend of Native Landscaping in Springfield, Missouri

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I work with clients around Southwest Missouri to create their outdoor vision, while taking into consideration natural limitations like water flow, topography, and long-term functionality.

People ask why I haven’t expanded my business to run multiple crews, and the answer is simple. I expect perfection on every project. By personally managing and working at every job site, I know each client will get the outcome they desire.

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Change is in the air in Missouri’s commercial landscaping scene. More than just beautifying properties, businesses are now exploring ways to design landscapes that respect and enhance local ecology. At the center of this shift is Kevin Runyon, owner of Custom Creations Landscaping and Lawn. The company is located in Marshfield MO, and serves the entire Southwest Missouri area. With a wealth of knowledge about native landscape design, Kevin and his team are able to transform landscaping into a more sustainable and environment-friendly practice. The result? Stunning landscapes that not only enhance properties but also benefit the local ecosystem, a win-win for everyone involved.

Tapping into the Potential of Missouri’s Indigenous Flora

Native plants, perfectly adapted to the local climate, serve as an integral part of their landscape designs, marrying visual appeal with environmental stewardship.

Choosing local, drought-resistant plants is not just a sustainable choice, but it’s also a smart business decision. Requiring less water and fertilizer, these species are the perfect candidates for creating landscapes that thrive with minimal inputs, lessening our environmental footprint.

But the benefits of these resilient native species extend beyond their hardiness. These plants play a crucial role in supporting local wildlife, offering a vital habitat for a host of creatures, from pollinators to birds. The result is a landscape that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also teeming with life and activity.

By leveraging the power of these native species, Kevin is able to promote biodiversity and ecological restoration. Their work underlines the fact that creating beautiful landscapes doesn’t have to come at the expense of our environment. Instead, through mindful native plant design, they are creating spaces that foster a harmonious and sustainable relationship with nature.

The Appeal and Benefits of Eco-Friendly “Lawns”

Traditional turf grass lawns, while common, can often demand intensive care and resources. A more eco-friendly and sustainable approach is native grass lawns.

You can choose a species that matches your mowing and aesthetic preferences:

  • Prairie Dropseed is a shorter native grass at about 1′ tall. 
  • Little Bluestem grows to around 3′ tall.  

These grasses are adapted to Missouri’s climate, and can make a significant difference to your landscape. Their hardiness requires less maintenance, often eliminating the need for regular mowing. Moreover, these grasses don’t need the constant nurturing that traditional turf grasses do, such as fertilization and irrigation, once established.

Even more importantly, native grasses create a welcoming habitat for local insects and microbes, enhancing soil quality and contributing to the biodiversity of your yard. These natural lawns are not just a boon to the local ecosystem but can also provide considerable savings in lawn care costs.

A native grass lawn might require a little more effort and cost upfront, but the benefits are more than worth it. If you have a commitment to ecological restoration and sustainable landscaping, going native can be both practical and profitable.

Embracing Native Trees for Sustainable Landscaping

For anyone who has experienced the charm of Missouri’s woodlands, it’s no surprise that native trees hold a special place in sustainable landscape design. Kevin recognizes the dual role these trees play – adding an undeniable aesthetic appeal and serving as invaluable contributors to the environment.

Trees such as the majestic American Holly or resilient Red Oak are perfectly acclimated to Missouri’s clay soils and weather conditions. Their longevity and resistance to drought, once established, reduce the need for constant care, saving valuable resources and time.

Moreover, the ample shade provided by these native trees’ canopies has a cooling effect on the surrounding areas. This natural temperature regulation can help cut down energy costs associated with cooling systems during the warmer months, making them a smart choice for businesses and homeowners alike.

Transforming Municipalities with Native Plant Design

Landscaping extends far beyond private yards and business fronts. Custom Creations recognizes the significant role that native plant design can play in transforming the public spaces of municipalities and government areas across Missouri.

Working with native species, they create beautiful public spaces that require less upkeep and contribute to local biodiversity. Native landscapes not only create visually appealing surroundings, they also provide habitats for local wildlife, promote healthier soils, and support water management – vital factors in maintaining a city’s ecological health.

Furthermore, introducing rain gardens instead of traditional water retention basins can also offer numerous benefits. These gardens, filled with hydrophilic (water-loving) perennials, are effective at managing water runoff, providing a natural filter for chemicals and pollutants, and contributing to the conservation of local water resources.

Kevin’s team excels at creating spaces that balance aesthetic appeal with practical solutions. Through their innovative use of native plants and sustainable landscape techniques, they’re helping municipalities in Missouri make smart, long-term investments that contribute to a healthier environment and create more inviting public spaces for residents to enjoy.

Creating Captivating Home Landscapes with Native Designs

Whether you’re planning a new landscape for your home or renovating an existing one, native plant designs can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, sustainable sanctuary. You can create captivating home landscapes that honor Missouri’s rich botanical heritage.

Native landscapes at home are more than just a visual feast. They’re a celebration of Missouri’s natural beauty and biodiversity. Using native plants in your yard creates a welcoming habitat for local wildlife and pollinators. It’s a pleasure to see your garden buzzing with the activity of birds, butterflies, and bees, bringing a new dimension of life to your home.

When it comes to maintaining these native landscapes, you might be surprised at their resilience. Once established, native plants, accustomed to the local climate, can thrive with minimal intervention. This reduces the need for watering, fertilization, and pest control, making maintenance simpler and more eco-friendly.

From a more holistic perspective, the connection to nature that a native landscape brings can enhance your wellbeing, giving you a sense of peace and harmony right in your backyard. Kevin and his team are dedicated to crafting these eco-friendly, beautiful landscapes, bringing the magic of Missouri’s native flora right to your doorstep.

The Role of Land Management in Native Landscaping

Land management is a crucial aspect of native landscaping. Proper land management strategies ensure the longevity of the landscape, enhance biodiversity, and contribute to a balanced ecosystem.

In native landscaping, land management begins with an in-depth understanding of the local ecosystem. Kevin and his team consider factors like soil composition, sunlight, and local climate conditions to select the most suitable native plants for a particular landscape. They also evaluate existing vegetation and make decisions based on a plant’s compatibility with the local habitat.

An integral part of land management in native landscaping is the careful management of water resources. The team uses innovative solutions such as rain gardens and efficient irrigation systems to minimize water usage and manage stormwater effectively. This not only helps in conserving water but also reduces the impact of flooding and erosion.

Moreover, land management includes practices that prevent the spread of invasive species, which can disrupt local ecosystems and out-compete native plants. Through regular monitoring and early detection, Kevin and his team prevent the establishment of these species, ensuring the health of your native landscape.

When it comes to managing large acreages, land management strategies must consider not only the landscape but also the wildlife that inhabits these spaces. It’s important to balance the needs of the land with the conservation of local wildlife, including species like deer that are central to Missouri’s hunting tradition. Utilizing native plants to create habitats that support the lifecycle of these species, Kevin and his team ensure that the land is well-equipped to sustain a rich diversity of wildlife. From selecting plants that provide natural food sources, to creating landscapes that offer shelter and breeding grounds, their land management practices contribute to a thriving ecosystem where wildlife can flourish in harmony with the needs and enjoyment of landowners.

In essence, effective land management is all about creating and maintaining landscapes that are in harmony with nature, promoting biodiversity, and enhancing the natural beauty of Missouri. Through their expertise in holistic land management, Custom Creations is contributing to sustainable landscaping practices and a greener future.

Eco-friendly Properties: Embracing a New Vision

Imagine your yard, vibrant and lush, filled with a variety of native plants that require far less maintenance than other options. These native varieties, well-adapted to Missouri’s climate and soils, thrive without the need for constant watering or regular fertilizing, offering an easy-care solution that is as practical as it is beautiful.

Furthermore, these properties create a welcoming habitat for a host of beneficial insects and microbes, enhancing the health of the soil and promoting a more balanced local ecosystem. Even better, native plants have deep root systems that help in managing rainwater runoff, an added advantage especially during heavy showers.

Kevin’s team understands that each yard is unique, and they work closely with homeowners to design lawns that not only match their preferences but also contribute positively to the local environment. Their goal is to create yards that homeowners can be proud of, not just for their aesthetic appeal, but for the role they play in creating healthier, more sustainable communities.

Embracing a more eco-friendly vision for your property is a step towards a more sustainable future and Custom Creations Landscaping and Lawn is here to make that journey a rewarding one.

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