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Retaining Wall Installation

Manage water runoff and create usable space with retaining walls and hardscape elements.

Craft a backyard your family will enjoy for generations.

What we do...

At Custom Creations we bring your landscape dreams to life through expert retaining wall installation and hardscape design in Marshfield, Springfield and surrounding areas. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges presented by sloped terrains, our experienced team is dedicated to transforming your outdoor space into a functional and visually captivating oasis.

As a local landscaping company specializing in retaining wall construction, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the needs of your property. Our team of skilled professionals combines artistic vision with technical expertise to create retaining walls that not only enhance the beauty of your property but also provide long-lasting stability and functionality.

What Our Clients Say...

We LOVE our new outdoor space and are amazed that we now also have a real backyard that we can use…

I highly recommend Kevin and Custom Creations for any landscaping projects. We cannot thank him and his team enough!

-Matt Osborn

Why Does Your Property Need a Retaining Wall Installed?

Retaining Walls Offer Usability & Stability

Take Advantage of Your Yard

Here in the Ozarks, uneven yards are a given. We can struggle to mow the hills, embrace the slope with native groundcover, or make the space usable with a retaining wall. Using a retaining wall allows you to mow the area easily and take advantage of the space for a pool, playground, patio, landscape bed, or something else fun.

Prevent Erosion

Retaining walls also help prevent erosion and water runoff. If slopes are left untouched, rain water rushes down the slope and pulls soil downhill with it. Retaining walls also prevent the accumulation of water into pools or flooded areas by introducing proper drainage.

Less Yard Maintenance

The prevention of erosion reduces the amount of maintenance required to keep your property looking good. Retention walls also act as a barrier (just like edging does) to keep mulch and rock inside a planted area. Since the soil is well-drained behind a retaining wall, you won’t risk plants getting waterlogged in poor soil.


Retaining walls hold back unstable soil and stop it from damaging structures, driveways, or even people, at the bottom of the slope.

Visual Barriers

Retaining walls can be designed to give visual boundary cues- defining areas and guiding movement. If your property transitions into a dense wooded area, a pond or lagoon, or even a street, the wall can serve as a barrier so guests and children know what is safe.

Curb Appeal

Last, but definitely not least, retaining walls add to the beauty of your property. The right material selection can add character, while the style of the wall can accentuate your home and outdoor elements, bringing everything together.

We Don’t Just Build Retaining Walls

At Custom Creations, we ensure your entire property and wall structure looks its best. We can incorporate other hardscape structures into your retaining wall build.

Elements to Enhance Your Retaining Wall Design

Railings or Fences

If the retaining wall is used as an area for leisure, it’s important to ensure the safety of your family and guests. Topping off a retaining wall with an above-ground wall, fence, or other barrier will keep anyone from falling or driving off. It’s sometimes possible to just continue the retaining wall a few feet above grade, but a well-designed barrier can significantly enhance the entire wall. Adding pilisters, patterns, stripes, and columns is the cherry on top!

Wall Caps

Wall caps are essential on almost every wall. Retaining wall blocks can be hollow or unsightly on top since that area isn’t usually seen. Using wall caps gives the top of the wall a nice finished look.


If you want to take full advantage of the drop off the wall creates, consider adding a waterfall and water features to the build.


Short walls can include seating features to add extra space for congregation or picnicking.

Vertical Drainage Pipes

We use a drainage pipe that’s created to be almost invisible in a wall. It expels water from a vertical pipe that sits between blocks, but functions as a normal outlet would. It’s just one of the ways we choose products and techniques to make your hardscapes perfect.

Our Other Services Complement a Retaining Wall Build

When a retaining wall is needed, our clients often choose to add a full hardscape overhaul. We’re happy to create a landscape that allows you to enjoy your entire yard while doing your favorite activities.


Every property needs a driveway and a spot to park. Whether you choose concrete or a beautiful paved driveway, our team can get it done beautifully.


Patios are also a common space created with retaining walls. Often a short wall is needed to level the patio space or retain soil from a higher elevation with the patio sitting below. We love using paving stones to make the entire patio jaw-dropping- whether you want a modern, smooth, and symmetrical appearance, or an old-world, worn, and random design. Kevin has a great eye for detail and will be able to suggest a look that adds character and cohesiveness to your property.


Add a paver walkway to complete the patio and retaining wall combo. Consider custom details like paver “welcome mats”, detailed paver vignettes, or a simple framed design in your walkway.

Fire Pits

Our clients love adding fire and seating to their backyards! There’s just something about sitting around a fire pit or fireplace on a cool Ozarks evening with friends. We can build a block fire pit that matches the rest of your walls. We can also install built-in seating if you want a modular fire pit. A seating area takes your entire patio to the next level!

Pool Decks \ Pool Surrounds

Every pool deserves a gorgeous pool surround to make it the star of the property. Pavers, seating, walls, and landscaping will make it your favorite summer hang out.

Outdoor Kitchens & Bars

Entertaining outdoors is a Missouri favorite, and you need the right setup for the job. Go small with a grill and counter, or bring the whole kitchen outside for a seamless experience. We can install every part of your patio kitchen.

Electrical & Lighting Installation

Many outdoor elements require electrical work or lighting installation for aesthetic and safety purposes. When we manage a project, we coordinate everything!

Landscape Bed Installation

What’s a great hardscape design without beautiful plants to make your backyard colorful and alive? Kevin creates custom landscape designs that account for your color, shape, and maintenance needs.

The Benefits of Using Custom Creations as your Retaining Wall Installer

Integration with Landscape Design

As full-service landscapers, our retaining walls fit into the entire landscaping project. Kevin designs the project as a whole to make sure that every element you want fits into the property as a whole. Retaining walls can match or compliment other hardscape projects like walkways, patios, or pool surrounds. When we’re done, your yard will look intentional and beautiful.

We are experts in water retention

The biggest risk for a new retaining wall is water retention which causes hydraulic pressure and failure. If the builder doesn’t take water flow into account, you could need a replacement within a few years. No one wants that! Kevin’s retaining wall design will include drainage and water outlets so there won’t be additional pressure on the retaining wall when it rains. We also use the proper excavation and fill methods so water has a place to go. Our decades of landscape work gives us the experience you won’t find with beginners. Whatever you save using a low cost installer could easily be eaten up by needing to rebuild.

Material Selection

We have a full line of hardscape materials in Marshfield, Missouri, so you can come out and see the block colors and textures in person before making your choice. Since we have many products in stock, you won’t have to wait for production in many instances. If you do choose a special order block, the manufacturer is located in Jefferson City, Missouri and can ship quickly so your retaining wall can get off the ground.

Our block selection is also quite large with different options available for different aesthetic preferences. Kevin is happy to recommend a block style and color if you’re unsure, and we’re happy to install your preference as well.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

When we take on a project, we see it through with the utmost professionalism from start to finish. We ensure that we stay in communication during any weather-related delays. Plus, we always want our customers to be 100% satisfied with our work. We’re perfectionists, and it shows!

Custom Outdoor Design

From a Marshfield company all about values

Since I started Custom Creations in 2000, I’ve made customer satisfaction my priority. I run one crew and work beside them every day, ensuring each job is done with the utmost integrity and skill.

My family and I are blessed to be able to give back to our community as well- because we know you guys are the reason we’re still alive and kickin’.

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Download our free eBook:
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