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Landscaping the Perfect Natural Privacy Fence

Natural privacy fences are visual barriers created with trees and shrubs. Privacy trees are a rewarding way to keep your yard feeling secluded and homey without the cost and work of a wooden privacy fence.

This project near Springfield, MO was created to provide the owners of this barndominium with a private seating area on the side of their home. We installed trees suited to the climate, and added shrubs that would grow to beautifully take up space.

Creating a Year-Round Privacy Fence with Plants

The Inspiration

Since this project was at Kevin and Michelle’s new barndominium home, landscaping was one of the first things Kevin planned. He knew he wanted a private outdoor area where friends and family could gather to feel safe and secluded.

The patio and fire pit area was a must-have, so it fit to make any needed privacy fencing out of live plants. Evergreens were a given, and Kevin especially loves hydrangeas, so he knew those would be included as well.

The Build

The privacy fence build lasted almost 4 years. It’s normal to tackle landscaping projects in stages, and that’s exactly what he did. The essential hardscape was installed, then trees were planted, followed by smaller shrubs and flowers.

In the last year of the timeline below you can see how the flowers have grown out to the perfect width for privacy.

Suggested Landscape Preservation

  • Yearly re-mulching for plant health and general upkeep
  • Tree and shrub pruning
  • Tree fertilization and health checks (for pests and disease)
  • Clearing out sad flowers in the fall to make room for new Spring growth

Creating a Year-Round Privacy Fence with Plants


The bed was created using large landscaping rock, weed barrier, and mulch.

Since tree growth is important for natural privacy fence functionality, those had to be added in the first year.


Two years later, the grass was planted creating a welcoming space.


The trees had grown by the next year, and there was plenty of space for shrubs and flowers.


Hydrangeas, butterfly bush, and lots of other perennials had been planted and given enough time to expand. Besides being gorgeous, these plants serve as privacy screens for the patio area.


Here’s a recent update in Spring. The perennial flowers are still coming in, while the evergreens and hydrangea are serving their purpose. 

I'm Kevin Runyon

…and I’ve been the owner of Custom Creations for 21 years.

I work with clients around Southwest Missouri to create their outdoor vision, while taking into consideration natural limitations like water flow, topography, and long-term functionality.

People ask why I haven’t expanded my business to run multiple crews, and the answer is simple. I expect perfection on every project. By personally managing and working at every job site, I know each client will get the outcome they desire.

I encourage you to set up a consultation to see what we can do for your outdoor space. Unique ideas welcome!

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Download our free eBook:
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