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Grading and Excavation

Grading and excavating around your home can serve two purposes- visual and functional. We provide customers in the Springfield, Ozark, Nixa, and Marshfield, MO areas with excavating and grading as part of transforming their outdoor areas into a beautiful and functional space. We also offer excavation and earth moving for clients whose needs go beyond landscaping services.

Landscaping Excavation, Grading, and Leveling

Part of landscape design is reimagining the current layout of your yard to provide maximum enjoyment, beauty, and functionality. After we provide you with a landscape design plan, one of the first steps is to do any excavation or leveling that’s needed. It’s creating the foundation that every other part of the landscape installation relies upon.

Fixing Home Drainage and Water Issues

If your basement or garage is flooding, you notice moisture in your basement, or if you have a recurring mold problem, one of the main issues can be the grading around your home. If water has any opportunity to flow toward your home, it will. 

Our job is to evaluate the water flow and provide a solution that will keep your home dry. Sometimes this means re-grading the soil around your home or adding a retaining wall so water is diverted. Other times it’s as easy as redirecting a downspout, adding an extension, or installing a french drain. We’re happy to take a look to see how we can help. We know your home is an investment and how much stress flooding and moisture can cause. 

New Home Excavation and Grading

If you’re managing your own home build, you’ll be looking for a small excavation contractor to level or grade your home site and prep your foundation. We have the tools and over 20 years of experience working on projects like this. As much as you want to save money by hiring your neighbor’s son, we can offer the knowledge to ensure that you don’t run into expensive problems down the road.

We all know a solid foundation is the most important part of any project. Without properly compacted soil or appropriate sloping and water runoff mitigation, natural settling or weather elements can ruin property and structures. Our experiences with the many different types of soils throughout Missouri help us to ensure we are able to give you a sturdy base to build upon.

Home sites often need the following services we provide:

  • Proper grading to prevent basement flooding
  • Land leveling
  • Foundation prep and digging
  • Retaining wall installation
  • A storm water drainage plan
  • Erosion control planning and grading
  • Utility trench excavation
  • Ditch excavation
  • Small ponds for water retention (creating a low spot for water to flow to)
  • Topsoil brought in or out with a dump truck
  • Pool and outdoor living excavation

Looking for a landscape contractor to finish off your new home build? Read more about our landscape design process here

Commercial Site Excavation

We run with one crew to ensure that all our excavation work meets your expectation of quality. This means we won’t take on large commercial excavation projects. However, we’re a great fit for rough grading and finish grading on commercial projects.

Agricultural Excavation

Many farmers know exactly what needs to happen on their property, but don’t have the time or equipment to get it done. Our family has been farming since I was a kid, and I know the high expectations of farmers and have experience with all sorts of these projects.

Agricultural Building Site Prep

Agricultural buildings have the same water flow needs of any other building. The land needs to be graded to prevent moisture buildup, and the foundation must be prepped and dug.

Whether you’re building a storage shed, hay barn, horse barn, or any other metal building, our agricultural excavation services will ensure that your investment is protected.

Animal Watering Line Trenching

Trenches for animal watering lines are also an important part of farming. Our experts work quickly and accurately to complete your agricultural digging project.

Erosion Control on Farmland

Erosion prevention is often a large project on farmland. We’ll work with you to ensure your property is using industry best practices that make sense to achieve your erosion goals.

Download our free eBook: 21 Outdoor Living Ideas

Download our free eBook:
21 Outdoor Living Ideas

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