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Many clients want to know what our pricing is like. In order to be as transparent as possible, we’ve created this short guide on what to expect. When doing one-off projects like retaining walls, excavating, and snow removal, it’s impossible to know the extent of the job. We’re happy to schedule a visit, talk with you about your needs, and give you a quote based on the amount of work that needs to be done.

How much will it cost to landscape my home?

For a full redo or new home landscaping project, we can help you narrow down the price range somewhat.

Expect to pay 10-30% of your home’s value for a professionally installed custom landscape design and installation.

You’ll be tasking us with creating your dream outdoor living space. Many of our clients spend as much time enjoying the outdoors as they do inside, and they want their yard to be as beautiful, functional, and enjoyable as their interior spaces.

To do this, we tackle the following tasks

  • Site preparation- topsoil, grading, water control, and drainage (swales, downspout extensions, etc.)
  • Lawn installation like irrigation, seeding, or sod
  • Hardscaping- retaining walls, walkways, patio, fireplace, firepit, outdoor kitchen, pavilion, pergola, water feature
  • Landscape beds- topsoil, edging, weed barrier, planting, lighting, character or specimen items (boulders, sculpture, urn, specific tree), mulch or rock


The more basic of these installations would obviously be at the low range of the dial and quite possibly lower than the average, especially if only doing a portion of the property.

More elaborate landscapes that include irrigation, hardscapes, fire and water features, as well as several specimen items would be at the high end of the average and could exceed the average based on the scale of the project compared to the scale of the home.

How to landscape your home in phases

If a full redo doesn’t fit into your budget, we can tackle the project in phases over months or years.

Phase 1- Creating a functional yard

We complete the grading, drainage, and seeding/sod so you can avoid water problems and cover the dirt. It’s a great start.

Phase 2- Installing hardscapes

Completing an outdoor kitchen, patio, walkways, and other non-living items puts you one more step toward your ideal outdoor space.

Phase 3- Planting flowers, shrubs, and other plants

The final phase puts in place all of the greenery you want in your yard. From creating landscape beds to final lawn installation, you’ll finally have your dream yard.

Download our free eBook: 21 Outdoor Living Ideas

Download our free eBook:
21 Outdoor Living Ideas

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