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The Unique Landscaping Bed Featuring an Antique Jeep

Unique landscaping can be so much fun! When clients in Southwest Missouri come to us with interesting garden ideas, we jump on board. We also travel from Marshfield, MO to Springfield, Lebanon, Bolivar, Nixa, Ozark, and more. Don’t be shy if you’re nearby and have a project in mind.

Some unique garden projects include:

  • large pottery and ceramic items
  • metal sculptures
  • upcycled items and antiques
  • custom pathways with unique materials
  • statement boulders
  • creating shapes with the edging
  • nested beds with different cover materials

The point is, if you can dream it (or find it on Pinterest), we can do it!

The Classic Jeep Garden Bed Design

The Inspiration

Kevin loves all things antique, especially trucks. When he built his house, he knew that he wanted a stunning landscape bed in the center of the circular drive. He decided to use it as an excuse to acquire an old Land Cruiser that he’d been eyeing.

The Build

To start, he used boulders as edging with an intersecting dry creek bed to remind the Land Cruiser of its past life.

For foliage, he placed four evergreens (Hoopsii Blue Spruce, Columnar Norway Spruce, Weeping White Spruce, and Weeping Norway Spruce) in the center, added shorter decorative grass, then interspersed perennial flowers for seasonal hues. Kevin is a firm believer in the power of hydrangeas, so he placed one perfectly in the background for long-lasting shape and color.

The bed was finished off with mulch as ground cover

Landscape Preservation

Since the team always uses professional landscape fabric, this bed is lower maintenance. The perennial flowers will bloom year after year, and annuals can always be added later if extra color is desired.

Our team performs maintenance several times a year for our preservation clients. Recommended preservation for a project like this would include:

  • Tree pruning and shaping for health and beauty
  • Shrub pruning
  • Fertilization for entire bed
  • Pest, fungus, and water issues check
  • Replacing plants when needed
  • Re-application of mulch


Jeep Garden Bed Timeline


The hardscape was installed along with a few evergreens. Then the main attraction arrived via trailer. The Land Cruiser was in place!

Grasses, shrubs, and flowers were planted to complete the project.


Within two years the shrubs, grasses, and flowers grew and filled out the space. Looking good!


Another year passed and the bed looked as amazing as ever, especially after the asphalt road was laid. Bonus points for a beautiful Missouri sunset.

I'm Kevin Runyon

…and I’ve been the owner of Custom Creations for 21 years.

I work with clients around Southwest Missouri to create their outdoor vision, while taking into consideration natural limitations like water flow, topography, and long-term functionality.

People ask why I haven’t expanded my business to run multiple crews, and the answer is simple. I expect perfection on every project. By personally managing and working at every job site, I know each client will get the outcome they desire.

I encourage you to set up a consultation to see what we can do for your outdoor space. Unique ideas welcome!

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Download our free eBook:
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