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Professional Landscape Lighting Systems in Springfield, MO

I'm Kevin Runyon

…and I’ve been the owner of Custom Creations for over 20 years.

I work with clients around Southwest Missouri to create their outdoor vision, while taking into consideration natural limitations like water flow, topography, and long-term functionality.

People ask why I haven’t expanded my business to run multiple crews, and the answer is simple. I expect perfection on every project. By personally managing and working at every job site, I know each client will get the outcome they desire.

I encourage you to set up a consultation to see what we can do for your outdoor space. Unique ideas welcome!

We proudly install low voltage LED lighting by FX Luminaire. They are very high-quality with solid brass and copper fixtures with a wide array of finishes and styles. We install a transformer to convert the current 120 volts coming from the home electrical panel down to 12 volts to run the lighting. This keeps the outside of the home well-lit and beautiful without breaking the bank on the electric bill.

Having outdoor lighting installed along with your landscaping is a beautiful way to increase your home’s value and safety.

Your landscaping investment will have increased value since you’ll be able to enjoy the aesthetic into the evening (especially in winter months). Many clients love highlighting unique areas of their property, architectural details, and even impressive trees or specimen plants.

Safety is a priority for many of our clients as well. Having walkway lights, security lights, or flood lights installed ensures that your family and visitors feel confident being outdoors in the evening. Your home will have an inviting entrance any time of day.

At Custom Creations, our landscape lighting installation team serves Southwest MO from Springfield to Lebanon and everywhere in between.

Types of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Path lighting

Path lights are by far the most popular outdoor lighting option. They’re a type of downlighting that softly illuminates in a small radius around the lamp. They’re not just used for lighting sidewalks or walkways, either. Positioning landscape path lights throughout your shorter landscape beds allows you to enjoy the seasonal colors of your flowers and plants into the evening. 

Step lighting

Step lights, also known as tread lights, can be installed on stairs to increase their visibility and enhance their shape.


Outdoor LED flood lights cast a bright light over a wide area. Floodlights are great for security around your garage or back entrance to your yard. You won’t want to use landscape floodlights on a patio because of their brightness. Outdoor security lighting should only be used where you want to deter unwanted visitors.


Landscape spotlights help draw attention to specific landscape or architectural features. Many clients highlight rock formations, yard art, and water features. Tree spotlights are popular for illuminating perfectly-trimmed trees as well. Just like with floodlights, you won’t want to be hanging out where you have spotlights installed.

Rope Lighting

Rope lights are also known as bistro lights because they cast a soft light over a wide area and create an intimate ambiance. LED rope lights are hung from posts over a patio or walkway to create this effect.


Outdoor uplighting shines soft light upward. It’s usually installed pointing up your home’s exterior wall. Uplighting creates drama and contrast between your landscaping and your home.

Silhouetting or Backlighting

By spreading light between a structure and nearby landscaping, we highlight the shape of the plants, which appear dark on the back lighting.

Uplights on Trees

To highlight a tree, we install an uplight illuminating the trunk, then move out several feet to install a few more spotlights on the leaves and branches.


Downlighting is a more subtle way to highlight a walkway or landscape bed. It requires a post or other tall structure to be installed on. Downlighting is a great way to offer the safety of a light without the added tripping risk.


Creating the illusion of moonlight is a beautiful way to light a patio or sidewalk. Several outdoor lights are placed high on a structure or tree to create shadows on the ground with the leaves.

Patio Lighting

Whether you’re adding a pergola or want an upgrade to your current patio lighting, our professional installers will make your outdoor living space even more beautiful.

Recessed Lights

In areas where people will walk, or even if you don’t want the distraction of pole lights, in-grade well lighting is a good choice. Ground lighting (or well-lighting) fits into a small hole in the ground, so the only parts of the light you see are the lamps and perhaps some trim. In-ground driveway lights are popular because there’s no protruding pole to trip over or repair.

Water feature lighting

Pool lighting

Though your pool installer will add safety lighting to the interior of the pool, we can help add ambiance to your pool area. Lighting the border around the pool deck helps create a beautiful space for enjoying after hours.

Underwater lighting

Underwater lights can transform a pond, stream, or waterfall at night. By submerging the light in the water, we allow the ripples to create moving shadows on nearby surfaces.

Outdoor Lighting Features

Colored LEDs

Besides a wide variety of finishes and light styles, FX Luminaire offers LED color-change bulbs, so white isn’t your only option. We can choose from 30,000 colors to enhance your outdoor space. Besides using vibrant hues where needed, we can make small adjustments in color to better bring out the colors in your landscape or hardscape.

Dimmable Outdoor LEDs

You won’t have to deal with harsh bright lights when you have us install your outdoor lighting system. The FX Luminaire system allows us to dim certain lights or groups of lights. It can even adjust to sunrise and sunset times.

Wi-Fi for Outdoor Lighting Control

FX Luminaire offers a state-of-the-art light controlling system called Luxor. We are able to create lighting groups, calendar-based programming, LED color palettes, and light dimming. All of this is possible from an iPhone or Android app.

Transformer Installation

While it may seem easy to just connect your outdoor lights into your current electrical system, installing a transformer is industry best practice. It’s a small piece of equipment that steps down your home’s 120V power to 12V. Certain models allow for lighting to be dimmable as well. You’ll find that adding outdoor lights with a transformer won’t increase your electric bill too much.

FX Luminaire Warranty

When your low-voltage lighting is installed with the FX Luminaire transformer, the company offers a 5-10 year (depending on model) materials and workmanship warranty.

Adding lighting installation and setup to your landscaping services is the best way to get a professionally designed outdoor space. We can also handle lighting installation if you already have a landscape design that you’re happy with.

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Download our free eBook:
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